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The United Food and Commercial Workers International Union and its affiliated local unions come together to help workers through the UFCW Charity Foundation. Through the work and generosity of UFCW local unions—which represent food, retail, and health care workers across the U.S. and Canada—UFCW Charity Foundation provides relief and assistance to union members and their communities through a variety of grants and programs. Together, we’re building a better life for all hardworking people.

Meatpacking and farm workers can get up to $600 for COVID-19 expenses

What is the Relief Grant?

During the COVID-19 pandemic, meat and farm workers had to pay for PPE and childcare expenses, and suffered lost wages. To recognize their sacrifices, UFCW helped secure a $668 million USDA Farm and Food Workers Relief Grant. UFCW Charity Foundation will provide relief checks to qualified workers.

What is the Relief Grant?

Meat and farm workers have had to pay for PPE and childcare expenses and suffered lost wages quarantining because of the COVID-19 pandemic. To recognize your sacrifices, UFCW helped secure a $668 million USDA Farm and Food Workers Relief Grant for workers.

Who Can Apply?

These grants are available to any non-management worker in the meatpacking industry at USDA-inspected plants and farms. There is also a limited test program for grocery workers that will later be rolled out nationwide. Grants are available to union and non-union workers. Application is open to all workers, regardless of citizenship or immigration status.

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UFCW is made up of 1.3 million hardworking men and women, and we are proud to be the largest private-sector union in the U.S. UFCW members work in grocery and retail stores, pharmacies, health care, and manufacturing facilities, as well as in food processing and meat packing. From the rural heartland to urban centers, UFCW members are on the front lines working hard to feed, serve, and strengthen their neighborhoods and communities.